Fuel Production & Supply

Paperback successfully secured two derived fuel supply contracts in 2014 and is negotiating a for further five to be in place by early 2015. The contracts currently in place cover Bio Mass and waste derived fuels for supply to the UK and Europe. The SRF fuels prepared, are processed to European Standard CEN 343 and meet the standards required by both UK authorities and of VALMET/METSO who are our technology partners in waste fuelled Combined Heat and Power projects. The warranted SRF fuels processed cover the preferred technologies available from a range of technology suppliers including, VALMET/METSO, KIV, Takuma. The SRF fuels currently processed are for use in Valmet/Metso ACZ and CFB combustion boilers. Fuel processing operations at Paperback, are already being used by a number of UK waste and paper mill companies including,Veolia, PHS, SITA, UPM, Biffa.

For more information about our waste derived fuels please contact us on 01244 833370